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Pilates Classes

All of our Pilates Equipment Classes can be PURCHASED & RESERVED online. Just click on the Schedule to setup your login. Pay-by-the-Class or Membership Pricing programs available. 

Pilates Equipment Classes

If you are new to Pilates, the Reformer is the best place to start.

Pilates Group Reformer

The Pilates Reformer classes teach you to properly align your body and where you will be introduced to the mind body connection, the key to strengthening your Powerhouse. Our group Reformer classes are currently limited to 4 people. This provides you with more interaction with the instructor and a better overall workout. Clients new to the Reformer must complete Apprentice classes where you will become familiar with equipment setup, using your breath and implementing the fundamentals of the method into your workouts. Pilates Reformer classes can be purchased in a series, select the links below to go directly to our online store to purchase. Pricing for series is as follows:

$ 30 - Single Class
$135 - Series of 5 Classes
$250 - Series of 11 Classes

Members with Contracts pay an additional $18/for a Single Reformer class or a Series of 12 for $144.
To Purchase a contract Click Here.

Reformer Class Descriptions:

Pilates Reformer Apprentice  - This class is for Beginners. If you are new to the Pilates Reformer or if you haven't worked out in a while, and have completed the Pilates Orientation & Equipment Training class, this is the next step for you. Class is taught at a slow steady pace. Teaches the basic functionality of the Reformer and fundamental moves. You must take at least 3-5 Beginner classes before moving up to L1. Your Instructor will let you know when you are ready to advance.

Pilates Reformer L1  - Reformer L1 is for those who are acquainted with the Pilates reformer and familiar with body alignment and terminology used during a Pilates workout. Level 1 will practice the fundamentals learned in the Beginner class and build upon them to move you toward the next level.

Pilates Reformer L2 - Building on the fundamentals of the Apprentice class and the expertise acquired in L1, Intermediate takes you through a more challenging movements, taking your Pilates practice to the next level.

Pilates Reformer L3 - A fast paced routine using what you've mastered in Intermediate Pilates. This is a workout. You will be challenged to use the strength you have built in your core, guided by your instructor through Intermediate and Advanced Series Exercises.

Pilates Air

Pilates Air is Pilates using aerial hammocks to assist in form. Working through many Pilates exercises using the hammock for additional support and spinal decompression, in this class you will even fly! Inversions decrease the compression that comes from the gravity pull while standing, the shoulders are straightened and the spine is elongated. The little bit of suspension midair eases tension on the muscles and bones, thereby increasing flexibility. The decrease of gravity on the organs helps with hormone release, resulting in happy, and couldn't we all use a little more happy?

Pilates Group Fitness

Pilates TRX

Our very own format, this uniqueTRX class combines the slow steady movement & breathing techniques of Pilates with the challenging instability of the TRX. You won't feel like you're working hard, but you'll feel it the next day. Perfect for the Pilates enthusiast who wants to kick up the challenge a notch. One of our more popular classes, if you love Pilates and you haven't tried this class, you need to!

Pilates Mat

Pilates Mat Class is the very foundation of the Pilates method. Learn the basics of breathing, engaging your powerhouse, control, centering, along with the flow and transition of one movement to the next. Pilates Mat is the perfect class for anyone wanting to engage core strengthening into their workout routine. You will learn to listen to your body and continue to challenge yourself throughout each class. We Fuse our class with props such as Magic Circles, straps, bricks and hand weights to provide extra challenge


If you love Reformer & TRX, you'll love PilatesStick. A terrific resistance workout this class sculpts your body in true Pilates form. Recruiting core muscles resulting in improved balance and flexibility. If you're new to Pilates the Pilatesstick® is a great piece of equipment to start on and is included as 30 minute options in the group class repetoire.

Workit' Circuit

Our very specialized circuit training is more than your average circuit. If you have never used Pilates equipment before, this class is a great opportunity to introduce you! Using the Pilates Equipment combined with straps, swiss balls, fitness balls, free weights, jumpropes, and whatever else we have handy. Every class is different and fun. Come workout with a small group and get a cardio/resistance workout like no other.