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I’m Colleen, I’m the owner and resident Health Coach at The Pilates Studio. I want to welcome you and congratulate you for taking that first step, it’s definitely the hardest. My nutrition coaching programs give you one on one interaction with me, keep you engaged over a period of time and provide accountability to reach your goals. Statistics show the probability of completing a goal if you have specific accountability to a coach or mentor is boosted to 85%. I want to see you succeed. In working with me, we will evaluate where you are and set your goals based on the results you want to achieve, and what's currently going on in your life. Sessions will provide education on:

  • What foods will help you achieve those results and what foods will hold you back

  • How it all works together, your food, your body!

  • How to effectively plan, shop and prep your meals, set your weekly goals and implement changes you will stick with.

  • What other areas of your life you might need to address, in order to reach the results you want.


I’ve had a lifelong love of delicious food. Getting back to our roots, local farms, healthy fresh food from the earth. This is what I see us moving towards. Americans are at a crossroads when it comes to their health. Change needs to happen. When people are ready for that change, they come to see me and they’ve made great strides towards well-being.

I've worked with clients with autoimmune disease, fibromyalgia, type 2 diabetes, weight loss, athletes, and children. If you have something specific to address, or if you just need some guidance about what habits to keep and what habits to kiss goodbye, I'm ready with the answers you need to be able to create your lifestyle of health and wellness.

Group & Online Options

Nutrition Masterclass & LIVE Group Coaching $195

Program Features the Online Masterclass and 6 weeks of Live Coaching. You’ll learn all the information you need to choose the right foods for you, implement a plan and create sustainable goals. To enroll, use the form at the top of this page and Colleen will call you to add you to a group.

Online Nutrition Masterclass $180

This program features just the Online Masterclass. You go at your own pace. Learn to setup goals, choose the right eating plan for your body, how your body processes foods and how to navigate our unclear food system.


Private Coaching Sessions


Single session $125

Includes 75 minute session

  • Review current issues

  • Create an action plan

  • Recipe Book


6 Month Coaching Program $1000

or 6 payments of $200(monthly)

When you decide to make positive change to your overall well being, you’ll need someone who has your back through the easy and difficult times. Studies show that your likelihood of success in reaching your goals skyrockets to 84% when you have a coach.

The Complete Coaching Program covers 6 months of coaching. In my experience, this covers just about any event that may pop up in your life to challenge your commitment, and gives you the toolset to work through these obstacles and carry on. 

My most comprehensive Program begins with our face to face sessions and continues with my Online Program over the course of 6 months. 2 scheduled sessions per month where I will check in with you, provide additional education for success in any areas as well as Coaching you through obstacles and helping you to adjust to your new way of eating! Holding you accountable to your goals and taking into account that goals change, updating them with your results! 

During the 6 Months you’ll have access for questions through email and text. To ensure long term success, this is the best program for you.

3 Month and 6 Week Plans are also available. Ask for details.