Nutrition Programs Now More Accessible to Everyone


After many requests, I’ve finally brought my Nutrition Masterclass Program to a Group Setting.

Over the past 10 Years I’ve developed my Nutrition Program into a Life Changing Coaching experience. I’ve had amazing results working with clients one on one and now I’m making my program more accessible to reach even more people with 2 affordable options:

  1. My Online Masterclass is set for a Launch date of October 19th. Experience my Complete Nutrition Masterclass online for just $195.


OR Attend one of my upcoming Workshops: Nutrition Masterclass & Group Coaching Series. I conduct up to 6 Small Group Sessions covering my Nutrition Masterclass with the Personalization of a Live Group Coaching Setting every month. If you’d like to get on my list to be included in the next group, fill out the form below. Group Coaching 6 week experience is an additional $60.

You’ll learn lots

  • About Food: what and how it works for your body

  • About Your Body: how to decode your own personal transformation based on science

  • About Sugar, additives, and unhealthy oils

  • How to set yourself up for success, in the kitchen, at work, going out to eat

  • Mindfulness in Eating and managing stressors

  • Can I have Wine? One of the most frequently asked questions

It’s been an informative and fun experience that has changed attitudes about food and your own body. Health, Wellness and Nutrition are at the forefront of the News, daily in America. It’s time to get in on the conversation and #beyourownhealthadvocate


Fill out the form to the right to request an add to our Group Coaching. You can also call to schedule at (805) 498-2800. I look forward to pairing you with a group and getting you started!

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