New Client Introductory Offers

If you’re New to pilates, yoga, or Our Studio, we have packages
priced perfect to get you started.

Yoga Offers

New to Yoga, or maybe unsure about taking a group class? No problem! Try 3 Private Yoga Sessions tailored to you. Or if you’re ready to dive in, take advantage of our 5 class offer.

Pilates Offers

If you’re New to Pilates, and you want to take our Pilates Reformer classes, you will need to choose how to get started. Either fast track by Booking 3 Private Sessions with one of our Comprehensively trained teachers, OR sign up for our Introductory Series.

Click the link below to learn more about Pilates with us.

Click the link below to explore more about Yoga with us.

Still not sure what to do? Schedule a Complimentary Wellness Session with us! We will sit down with you and help you figure out the right program that will work just for you.

New to the Studio but not New to Pilates? If you have prior Pilates experience, you can try our 5 Pilates Reformer Classes Package to get you started with your Pilates Practice. NOTE TO ACTIVATE:

Please contact the studio prior to scheduling so we can discuss your previous Pilates experience and enable you to enroll in the equipment classes. We're excited you are here and can't wait to get you hooked on our Pilates.