Why Pilates?

Joseph Pilates created his groundbreaking methodology nearly 100 years ago. He believed that mental and physical health were inter-related and if one was out of balance it effects the other.  Modern science has proven his beliefs to be true. The benefits of Pilates Mind-Body approach to overall health are numerous and include: 

  • Overall body conditioning

  • Strengthening of core and back

  • Improving muscle elasticity and joint mobility

  • Gentle on the body but challenging at the same time

  • Improving sports performance and Preventing Injury

  • Creating efficient functional movement patterns and

  • Improving body awareness

    Improves circulation & can help ease chronic pain

How to Choose the best classes for me: Pilates is designed for every body, given that every body is different, one of the best places to start is trying out our Classical Pilates Introductory Series.

Classical Pilates is the very foundation of the method. "Contrology" was originally designed by Joseph Pilates to correct faulty movement patterns and create alignment, balance and strength in the body. It was later named Pilates and our Intro series is the perfect place to start if:

  • You're new to Pilates

  • You're concerned about your Spine Health

  • You experience pain and tightness from sitting at a desk

  • You've recovered from an injury and need to strengthen

  • You want to correct faulty movement patterns


Experience and see for yourself how Pilates will make a difference for you! Select one of our Introductory Packages to get started.


In this introductory series you'll be introduced to the Pilates Principles. Learning the basics of Reformer. This series will teach you the flow of the original choreography as each move transitions and builds on the previous, creating powerhouse strength, balance and flexibility in your body, and creating healthy movement patterns. A great foundation for your Pilates practice if you've never experienced the Classical series or are currently taking fitness type fusion Pilates classes and want to ensure you are in correct form.  This intro series is a benefit to those who have never experienced Classical Pilates before. Classes are taught at a slow to moderate pace for beginners.

**All levels welcome. All Introductory classes are 30 minutes. Private Sessions are 50 minutes. Please be on time. Pilates classes are taken bare foot or you can purchase Toe Sox in Studio. Note expiration dates at the time of your purchase. The Intro series is designed for consistent practice. If you can't commit to at least 2 Pilates classes a week, then we recommend proceeding with Private sessions first as they offer more flexibility in scheduling. 

We work with clients of all body types and conditioning. If you have any contraindications that may prevent you from taking group classes, consider doing private sessions or schedule a complimentary wellness session to speak with our Studio Health Coach. 

Why not? It’s complimentary! 30 Minutes with one of our teachers (Chelsea for Yoga / Colleen or Cynthia for Pilates) or our Health Coach, Colleen to answer all your questions.